Who Is Batis ?

And How is he so sexy ?

Hello, they call me Batis, and i'm the face behind Select Wholesale.

for more than 5 years now I've been embedded in the thrifting realm, and I'm not leaving anytime soon. Let me explain to you how I started "selling to sellers", with Select about a year ago.

I first was in the resell game for 4 years. I began on my own, then shortly after moved in a team. I was the man in charge to source the clothes.

You'd think I must feel bored after all this time doing the same thing relentlessy.

Wrong. I'm in love with it.

For the last year I've developped Select, which suits me well because I can focus on only sourcing the clothes.

Also, the large experience i've acquired as a reseller, makes it much easier for me to understand your needs, understand what makes you money and what doesn't, the list goes on.

It's been a great, enriching journey so far.

If you can only see this page, and the rest of the site is locked, it means that we're not taking any clients at the moment. However, you can absolutely reach me with the Live chat button. I'll personally get back to you by Email.

Best regards, maybe see you soon 👀