Frequently Asked Questions

Do yOu dO hAndPiCks ??

We do handpicks the both ways.

First you show me directly what you need me to find, via pictures for example, or during a video call. At this moment we agree on what you want and you get access to checkout.

Few days (sometimes few hours) after, I call you back and show you what I found. If it's good for you, We start the shipping process and from there it can take 3 to 20 days depending on the location. For big orders in France I sometimes do the delivery myself, I love to meet you guys.

Can Select be my supplier even though my business is still small ?


Minimum price for ordering is 200€.

Although, if you're new here, we can privide a "sample" first order for the amount of your choice.

Where do you find the clothes ?

I source the clothes via an exhaustive list of partners that I accumulated along my thrifting journey. I send an alert, if they have what you need, we make the transaction. If they don't I ask the next parner. It's win-win for everybody.

Who is I ?

Why is there nothing to buy on the website ?

Our first concern is client satisfaction. There is no catalog to choose from, but instead you get to directly explain to me what you need, via video call or Live Chat . Then we can shake hands on a deal.

Wtf is "The Configurator" ?

The Configurator is a par of the site to which only logged in customers are granted access.

It allows you to view the price of a bundle depending on the options you pick.

Who is we and who is Batis ?

I'm Batis, I'm behind this website, and i'm most likely the guy who you're going to talk with if you want to do business with us.

The reason I say "we" and "us" is because i've partners, who run their own business independently. I've known some of them for years and i can heavily rely on them for their products.

Even though this is a one man show legally speaking, I consider my partners as teammates. So don't mind the "we", it's just me giving them a shout-out.

What does NBNB even means ?

NBNB is a slogan we stand by, which means No Bale No Bullshit.

The whole concept of Select is that you get to choose every item in your bundle down to every detail.

If you purchase bales on any other website, you won't find that level of selection.

That being said you might find some bs in those bales.

So NBNB, are you joining or not ?

Will my info be displayed to anybody if I buy from Select ?

No, your info is private, it won't be disclosed to anyone. Nobody will know you're a client, even if you want to leave a review, we offer possibilty for it to remain anonymous.

if you decide that you want people to know you bought from us, then we'll put a link to your profile in our clients portfolio, which is sometimes shown to new clients when asked.

But we know privacy is key. We will never disclose your data without your active consent.

Where is your instagram page and all that stuff ?

Don't have one.

Like I said earlier privacy is key especially in the field of sourcing. If i want more client I prefer to outreach the stores I like wether to advertise my services. Has always been like this.

I couldn't be so efficient if I had loads of clients, so I prefer to stay discreet and efficient. you can always reach me on insta via my personal account @btcvy if it's easier for you.

Otherwise, you can start a chat here with the live chat, and if i don't answer right away the conversation will be transferred to your Email inbox.